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We know that every business is unique. This is why our team of experts in Romania will provide, on demand, clever solutions to answer all your problems regarding employee management, document setup and profit maximization. Integrating new technologies into your business is one of the most important and adequate steps to push your business to the top of the industry market. The team of Romanian IT experts can create, on demand, individually developed apps for certain clients, unique interfaces and integrated systems. This way, the final product is better and more effective than any other standard software solution.

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Three important news for your business

Cloud Business SolutionsNews Three important news for your business

Three important news for your business

The Cloud Business Solutions Blog brings you the most important and relevant news  for your business. According to Forbes.com, here is what you should know if you are a company manager or an entrepreneur.

Yahoo announced that 500 million accounts were hacked in 2014

The chief security officer of Yahoo stated that the hacks targeted names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, passwords and security questions & answers.

And even though this piece of information could rather look more useful to the individual user of yahoo mail, it actually targets organisations as well.

Another report issued last week states that malware is downloaded every 81 seconds in an organisation. So if your business using yahoo, please be sure that the network security is top priority in the company’s yearly expenses.

Instant payments for contractors

The Stripe payment service can now make instant payments. The Lyft company has been using this service since last year and now, over half of its drivers are getting instant payment. The purpose of this instant pay service is that any company can now pay its contractors on the spot as the deal closes up.

For example, as soon as drivers finish a shift, they can immediately deposit their pay in the bank and start using it—rather than wait the two or three days payouts typically take.

Facebook has revealed that it launched a new measuring tool for Facebook Ads.

This new tool will give retailers a glimpse of how likely people are to buy a particular product if they have or haven’t seen an ad and data that will help brands determine which ads deserve credit for a purchase.

Facebook continues to invest heavily in its ad platform and introduces new features like these to help you market your business there. Staying up to date on these tools will increase your revenues.

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