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The tricky part in providing in cloud services

Cloud Business SolutionsMarketing The tricky part in providing in cloud services

The tricky part in providing in cloud services

Important players on the IT market can’t manage to provide quality “in cloud” services – Survey. Are smaller companies the answer?

The number of companies working with in cloud based services is rising as we speak. However, even though cloud-hosted services proved to be better than the in house ones, some companies become discouraged in the process of purchasing such services.

According to a study published by Business Cloud News website some enterprises are „raising questions about the price, performance and level of support” offered by some of the most important providers.

The report, which surveyed 415 IT professionals across the US, Europe and Asia Pacific region, was produced by EMA and commissioned by iland and VMware. It suggests a majority of cloud users are experiencing challenges and failures when attempting to adopt a cloud service offered by heavyweights in the cloud space. The lack of quality services may empty an important chunk on the market for smaller companies that don’t have thousands of clients and can properly manage everyone’s needs.

The study report published in the media was set on companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Rackspace.

According to the results, 63 per cent of users experienced issues and challenges most frequently when trying to adopt the Rackspace platform. This was followed by Amazon with 57 per cent and Microsoft Azure with 44 per cent having reportedly experienced issues and challenges with these services, ultimately putting them off adopting those platforms altogether.

About 43 per cent of users called for more transparent pricing models, and almost a majority of users (46 per cent) noted the need for improved virtual machine scaling and resource scalability capabilities.

But the results also suggest some of the fundamentals of service delivery are lacking when it comes to the big cloud players: 36 per cent of those surveyed said they still experienced difficulty getting adequate levels of hands-on expertise and support from their cloud vendors; 35 per cent said the levels of downtime they either had experienced or were likely to experience with a service provider was enough to put them off signing up.

“Stories about successful cloud implementations are captivating, but the reality is that cloud is more complex than many news headlines make it out to be,” said Dennis Drogseth, vice president at EMA.

“Companies must be self-aware. Unless they have an experienced staff that can manipulate the mass-market systems of the big providers, they should seek cloud vendors that take a different, personalised approach” Drogseth said.

Below, you can see some infographics that can offer you a very interesting perspective over the results of the survey.


Cloud Infographic

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