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The Point

NEW: How to know what is happening in your house while you’re away

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“The Point” is a new device, simple yet useful, that can be used for monitoring your house while you’re away. This new device developed by Nils Mattisson, Fredrik Ahlberg, Marcus Ljungblad and Martin Lööf is actually a gadget that will detect loud noises in your home while you are away.

Moreover, as a noise is detected, like broken glass or shutting a door, the device will send an alarm message on the owner’s smartphone. From here, the owner decides whether he would ignore the message or call the police or activate another security system.

“We wanted something like this for ourselves—peace of mind to know that all is fine while away from home. Our only options were cameras and complex security systems and thought there had to be a better way,” said Mattisson, according to

It connects via WiFi and batteries last a year.

“We designed Point to be invisible, non-invasive and simple. We think it’s where the future is heading—technology that’s more ambient and unobtrusive. We also think it’s smarter, although that’s an overused word. Most smart things are actually quite dumb, a sensor that just feeds data to the cloud,” said Mattisson. The Point also senses the indoor temperature and allows you to talk back to your thieves through the phone.

This device costs around 70 dollars which makes it pretty affordable for an alarm system.