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How much storage space has the “largest ever” SD memory card

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Ever wondered how much data storage space you can hold in your pocket? Well, as many of us wouldn’t have even dared to imagine this ten years ago, memory specialist SanDisk has created an SD card with 512 gigabytes (GB) of storage space – the highest capacity ever released.

According to BBC, the card, which is the size of a postage stamp, will go on sale for $800 (£490).

Ten years ago, the same company launched an 512-megabyte (MB) SD card. At that time, it was also considered to be the largest product of this kind.

According to the experts in the field, in the not so far future, SD cards will be able to hold up to 2 terabytes (TB) of data, about 2,000GB.

The SD card format is one of the most widely used standards of flash storage, popular with digital cameras, camcorders and other mobile devices.

John Delaney, a senior mobile analyst from IDC, said innovation in physical storage was critical to the future of our devices, despite the fact that people are turning to cloud storage instead.

“The thing that is driving cloud storage is multiple devices usage – which solves the, ‘Where’s my stuff?’ problem: if you use cloud storage for everything, whatever device you have with you can be used to access your content.”

But he added: “So far there’s still a strong preference for local storage.

“People just feel more in control and more able to rely on being able to access the content when they literally know where it is.

“Storing in the cloud means you literally don’t know where it is.”