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ISO Certifications

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Cloud Business Solutions is certified for three ISO standards: Highest Management Quality, Information Security and proficiency in providing IT Services.


  • SR EN ISO 9001:2008 is a management quality standard for companies. Having this certification grants that Cloud Business Solutions provides high standard products and has satisfied customers.

Liorah Knits, Kayla Knits
–          Customer oriented

–          Leadership

–          Engaged staff

–          System based management

–          Ongoing improvement of products and services

–          Action related decisions


  • SR ISO/CEI 27001:2006 certification grants data protection and information security.

–          Keeping law and judicial principles

–          Personal data protection insurance

–          Constant evaluation and improvement of working with personal data process

–          Keeping any rules regarding confidentiality


  • SR ISO/IEC 20000:2001 certification grants high quality standards in providing IT services

–          Defining requests for the management system

–          Planning and implementation of services management

–          Planning and implementing new or upgraded services

–          Following service providing processes

–          Implementing relational processes

–          Implementing control processes

–          Implementing resolution processes


All the CBS standard products and also the custom developed applications are provided by certified Romanian experts. All the developers are among the best professionals in their field. They are certified in Microsoft technologies like .NET Framework and also in HTML systems, CSS3, ASP.NET, Web Services and TFS.