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How important is to have disaster recovery for your in cloud data

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Petrus Human, one of the world’s specialists in cloud technologies, Technical Director at Attix5, spoke at the recent Cloud World Forum conference in London  about the importance of data protection and its recovery in case of disaster.

Whether small or large, every company needs to ensure contingency measures are in place in order to prevent losing mission-critical data from being lost in the event of an outage or systems failure. Petrus Human showed the importance of developing robust disaster recovery and data backup strategies, and using the cloud to help ensure the organisation can always recover from an undesired event.

According to a short interview for Cloud Business News, Human said: “Cloud is assisting organisations these days to deal with recovery of data loss a lot more than the previous technologies, for the simple reason that it is more accessible and there are more options available.  You can have a world class solution without having all things in house and having to do everything yourself. You leave the specialized things to the specialists. It is very important to all the companies these days to have a disaster recovery plan and a strategy in place. Nearly 55% of the organisations actually have some form of such plan.

It’s important to protect your valuable assets and also you must be sure you an bring your data back effectively so that the business can continue without the loss of revenue associated to the data loss. There are so many options available these days for data recovery and disaster recovery and I think that it is important to understand the difference between them and what is suitable for your organisation.”