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Data Security, a top priority for CBS developers

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Cloud Business Solutions and its partners work exclusively with effective systems of data security. Every information uploaded by our clients into the in cloud applications provided by CBS are saved on two data centers, placed in two different locations. Even in case of emergency, the back-up system grants the recovery of all your data. The geographical redundancy is the best way to grant disaster recovery as a top insurance for data security service.

The two data centers are located in secured areas with fingerprint access to the facility. Every information uploaded into CBS applications is automatically stored on one server and backed up on the other. As a plus, in case you lose your Internet connection while working in CBS programs you can work offline and all the data uploaded will be stored on servers as soon as the connection is restored.

Data Security, granted by a high standard certification

As CBS data security policy states, the information you upload into CBS applications is strictly confidential and cannot be seen by any other party without your authorization.

The high standards for data security are official and also certified with ISO professional recognition. Cloud Business Solutions product quality is guaranteed by SR ISO/CEI 27001:2006 certification for personal data protection and information security.

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