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Cloud based services hit popularity peak in UK

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Cloud computing has rapidly become a hit in the United Kingdom. Four in five organisations desire or are in the process of changing their applications and systems to in cloud versions.

The research which came up with these results was conducted by Cloud Industry Forum on 250 IT and business decision-makers in the UK.

According to the survey quoted by Business Cloud News, 79% of organizations now formally consider cloud as a part of their IT strategy. Of those already using cloud based services, 45% use only one cloud application, 28% use two, 13% use three and 14% use even more.

Why do people choose cloud services?

As this survey found, the main feature for which organisations choose to turn to cloud based services is the flexibility that such systems can provide. The operational cost savings are, in fact, the second feature which was relevant for the business audience.

“Over the next year we can say with some confidence that first time cloud adoption will increase by 12 points – or 15 per cent in real terms,” said Alex Hilton, chief executive officer of the CIF. “This means that 90 per cent of all businesses in the UK will be formally using at least one cloud service by the end of 2015”, added Mr. Hilton.

Web hosting, email, CRM, data back-up and disaster recovery continue to be the most pervasive cloud services used according to the CIF.  This is followed closely behind by video conferencing, collaboration solutions, HR apps and data storage.