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US government, oblivious of cloud benefits. How much does that cost?

According to a study published this month, nearly three in every four US federal government agencies are using at least one cloud service. However, regardless of this fact, most federal government IT staff see a very limited role for cloud services in their overall strategy. Continue reading

Five reasons to consider moving legal firm data to the cloud

As new technologies are overtaking some of the most repetitive professional chores, some activities seem to need this tech boost more than other.

According to an article published by Cloud Computing News, lawyers are among those professionals who have to work with huge chuncks of data: names, files, contracts, bills, evidence, personal data etc. This is why cloud storage systems are becoming the new must for legal firms. This is why, Cloud Business Solutions is offering apisLEX, a new and unique applications for law firms in Romania.

There are many benefits to moving a legal industry cloud computing solutions for a law firm’s client and office data to the cloud. In the Cloud Computing news article, the author empahisizes five reasons why a lawyer should store his professional data in cloud.

Lower cost, better service

“Traditionally, law firms have relied on in-house IT solutions for their practices. From a security standpoint, most of these items were placed in a closet with a closed door and called “physically secure” and monitored from time to time for cyber security. Moving firm data to the cloud can allow the law firm to lower its costs while enjoying better service. The cloud provider supplies infrastructure and security, as well as technical and administrative personnel. In addition to costs savings, because physical and technical security safeguards are a core competency of most cloud providers, which is not the case with lawyers and law firm administrators, law firm data may be more secure with a cloud provider than with the law firm’s in-house system”, it is shown in the article posted on Cloud Computing News.

Increased data and analytics and better management

The article published on Cloud Computing News website also shows that in cloud systems can help in building a better management.

“Use of cloud architecture and services can allow the firm to efficiently collect data about its practice and its staff, enabling the firm to better devise ways to increase its productivity and profits. For instance, a cloud-based practice can more easily and accurately track and analyze metrics such as utilization of software applications and platforms and an attorney’s time” – according to Cloud Computing News.

Disaster readiness and recovery

Distaster recovery is one of the most important features of in cloud systems.

“A fire or flood could destroy all of a law firm’s files, leaving the firm unable to continue business if the files destroyed were the only available copies. Using a cloud-based practice solution often prevents the risk of a natural disaster causing an economic disaster for a law practice. Files saved in the cloud are physically outside of the law firm’s office and therefore not subject to the same threats. In addition, the files are usually backed up in at least one other location, ensuring that, even if a site managed by the cloud-provider is rendered unusable or destroyed, the law firm’s files will still be accessible”, it is shown in the article posted on Cloud Computing News.

Accessibility and mobility

The mobility of an online app is a key feature that can make an user be more in charge of his work files than he would have been if every document belonged only to his office.

According to Cloud Computing News, “working from outside of the firm’s base office has become an essential tool for productivity and attracting employees. An attorney’s ability to review documents on the road and to retrieve information while in court or at a client meeting is an important aspect of running a profitable practice”


Each law firm is different. Therefore, as Cloud Computing News article states, there are no one-size-fits all solutions with regard to increasing productivity and profits at a firm. However, by moving to the cloud, a firm can build a custom solutions that allows it to optimise the productivity of its attorneys and staff, generating higher profits.


The tricky part in providing in cloud services

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Cloud Business Solutions, the secret recipe to success

Cloud Business Solutions services are available on the global market for more than 26 years. Having over two decades of experience and background in developing software solutions, CBS apps are now improving great businesses from all over the world.

From Great Britain to The Arab Emirates, from Ireland to Poland, over 800 companies benefit from our services and over 8.000 individuals use our software products every day.

Cloud Business Solutions provides complete software solutions for any kind of company or industry.

The legacy of CBS and the professional proficiency of a Romanian team of developers provide an exceptional range of business products on the software market.

Cloud Business Solutions software is using the newest technology and an innovating system of „in cloud” data storage.

Cloud Business Solutions, a certified Microsoft Partner

Cloud Business Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner and it is also ISO certified for Exceptional Quality, Information Security and Service Management. CBS provides standard software products, but also custom developed solutions meant to fit your every business need.


Customer Relationship Management Services

Cloud Business Solutions is a top provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. All the applications developed by the CBS team of specialists are professional systems, with a user-friendly interface that can assist the company’s management to adjust to the client’s requirements. A Customer Relationship Management system is a great and convenient way to improve your services, to succesfully manage your clients and sales and to take the best decisions.

A business is defined by its customers. Increasing the number of clients and gaining their overall trust is the number one factor in rising sales and, of course, profit.

The benefits of Customer Relationship Management

Keeping an effective communication with the customers is the most efficient way to invest in the company’s future.

A close inspection on customer behavior is the best way to grant reliable decisions in the future. „In cloud” technology of Customer Relationship Management services enables you to have online access to your data anywhere, anytime. This way, as a manager, you can have a higher degree of control over your business.

The Custom Development option is a key feature for CBS clients who have particular needs. Keeping online track of sales results will provide you just the insight you need to control and manage the marketing campaigns with the right results.

Return of investment becomes only a matter of time with Cloud Business Apps as the whole purpose of a Customer Relationship Management system is to bring profit to the company.

As all the sales reports are available at any given time of the day or year, it makes it real simple to adjust to new strategies suitable for new market tendencies.

With an effective Customer Relationship Management application, the company can ignore all those repetitive management tasks that usually take a great deal of time.

Using a CRM system is a very secure way to keep your data in a professional, organized way.

Business Process Management Services

Cloud Business Solutions also provides Business Process Management (BPM) applications for top managers who need to control every detail of the company’s workflow.

The more effective the workflow is, the greater the chances for an increased profit. No more lost hours, unproductive employees, long breaks and unequal distribution of work.

Optimizing the production system will be reflected on the company’s financial status. Moreover, the application can produce detailed professional business analysis that will show any flaws in the workflow.

The benefits of Business Process Management systems

Managing production, services, documents and human resources can be a very tiresome task. However, with a Business Process Management application much of the work will be done by machines, allowing you to benefit from your free time by taking over more important business matters. This way, at the end of the day, based on the application’s reports, you will have good knowledge of anything that happened in your company.

All the important documents can be stored using a Business Process Management application without the risk of losing any of the data.

Apis Lex, the most Clever Software Choice in Case Management for Law Firms

Apis Lex   is a revolutionarysoftware program designed to help any legal specialist who wants to upgrade his professional performance by cutting down the time consuming office work and saving time for relevant lawsuits and important new clients instead.

The targeted objective of Apis Lex application, developed by Cloud Business Solutions Romanian experts, is to help lawyers cater to their clients’ needs by providing a flawless legal service with relevant decisions, efficient strategies and downsized bureaucracy.

For those who don’t know, lawyers actually billtime. They sell hours of their professional life to their clients. This is why, for them, saving time by cutting down the office work can only mean more hours to sell and, therefore, a bigger profit.

The benefits of using Apis Lex

With Apis Lex application, the user has access to an enormous database where he can find any information regarding the law cases he handles, all his clients, all the bills, the standard documents and relevant analysis on work efficiency.

Apis Lex is a professional integrated system used for managing law files and cases through their entire lifecycle.

This app is fully customisable to the client’s needs. Apis Lex stores and manages every file, all the case details, names, corespondence, case documentation, witnesses testimonials, court resolutions, daily agenda, file status and more.

This advanced technology program is configured to understand and perform all the repetitive, time consuming office actions that must be taken care of on a daily basis in a law firm.

Not only would Apis Lex help you organize your work and your clients, but it can also play a management role in your law firm. It can hold all the employees under supervision, saving precious time for management. Apis Lex can accurately count the working hours, the clients, the profit and everyone’s overall efficiency.

The „cloud” technology allows Apis Lex users to have access to any professional information they need, online, without having to buy expensive servers.

The app development and the technical support for Apis Lex are provided by a professional CBS team of experts from Bucharest, Romania.