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Apis Lex, the most Clever Software Choice in Case Management for Law Firms

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Apis Lex   is a revolutionarysoftware program designed to help any legal specialist who wants to upgrade his professional performance by cutting down the time consuming office work and saving time for relevant lawsuits and important new clients instead.

The targeted objective of Apis Lex application, developed by Cloud Business Solutions Romanian experts, is to help lawyers cater to their clients’ needs by providing a flawless legal service with relevant decisions, efficient strategies and downsized bureaucracy.

For those who don’t know, lawyers actually billtime. They sell hours of their professional life to their clients. This is why, for them, saving time by cutting down the office work can only mean more hours to sell and, therefore, a bigger profit.

The benefits of using Apis Lex

With Apis Lex application, the user has access to an enormous database where he can find any information regarding the law cases he handles, all his clients, all the bills, the standard documents and relevant analysis on work efficiency.

Apis Lex is a professional integrated system used for managing law files and cases through their entire lifecycle.

This app is fully customisable to the client’s needs. Apis Lex stores and manages every file, all the case details, names, corespondence, case documentation, witnesses testimonials, court resolutions, daily agenda, file status and more.

This advanced technology program is configured to understand and perform all the repetitive, time consuming office actions that must be taken care of on a daily basis in a law firm.

Not only would Apis Lex help you organize your work and your clients, but it can also play a management role in your law firm. It can hold all the employees under supervision, saving precious time for management. Apis Lex can accurately count the working hours, the clients, the profit and everyone’s overall efficiency.

The „cloud” technology allows Apis Lex users to have access to any professional information they need, online, without having to buy expensive servers.

The app development and the technical support for Apis Lex are provided by a professional CBS team of experts from Bucharest, Romania.