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Five reasons to consider moving legal firm data to the cloud

Cloud Business SolutionsBusiness Five reasons to consider moving legal firm data to the cloud

Five reasons to consider moving legal firm data to the cloud

As new technologies are overtaking some of the most repetitive professional chores, some activities seem to need this tech boost more than other.

According to an article published by Cloud Computing News, lawyers are among those professionals who have to work with huge chuncks of data: names, files, contracts, bills, evidence, personal data etc. This is why cloud storage systems are becoming the new must for legal firms. This is why, Cloud Business Solutions is offering apisLEX, a new and unique applications for law firms in Romania.

There are many benefits to moving a legal industry cloud computing solutions for a law firm’s client and office data to the cloud. In the Cloud Computing news article, the author emphasizes five reasons why a lawyer should store his professional data in cloud.

Lower cost, better service

“Traditionally, law firms have relied on in-house IT solutions for their practices. From a security standpoint, most of these items were placed in a closet with a closed door and called “physically secure” and monitored from time to time for cyber security. Moving firm data to the cloud can allow the law firm to lower its costs while enjoying better service. The cloud provider supplies infrastructure and security, as well as technical and administrative personnel. In addition to costs savings, because physical and technical security safeguards are a core competency of most cloud providers, which is not the case with lawyers and law firm administrators, law firm data may be more secure with a cloud provider than with the law firm’s in-house system”, it is shown in the article posted on Cloud Computing News.

Increased data and analytics and better management

The article published on Cloud Computing News website also shows that in cloud systems can help in building a better management.

“Use of cloud architecture and services can allow the firm to efficiently collect data about its practice and its staff, enabling the firm to better devise ways to increase its productivity and profits. For instance, a cloud-based practice can more easily and accurately track and analyze metrics such as utilization of software applications and platforms and an attorney’s time” – according to Cloud Computing News.

Disaster readiness and recovery

Disaster recovery is one of the most important features of in cloud systems.

“A fire or flood could destroy all of a law firm’s files, leaving the firm unable to continue business if the files destroyed were the only available copies. Using a cloud-based practice solution often prevents the risk of a natural disaster causing an economic disaster for a law practice. Files saved in the cloud are physically outside of the law firm’s office and therefore not subject to the same threats. In addition, the files are usually backed up in at least one other location, ensuring that, even if a site managed by the cloud-provider is rendered unusable or destroyed, the law firm’s files will still be accessible”, it is shown in the article posted on Cloud Computing News.

Accessibility and mobility

The mobility of an online app is a key feature that can make a user be more in charge of his work files than he would have been if every document belonged only to his office.

According to Cloud Computing News, “working from outside of the firm’s base office has become an essential tool for productivity and attracting employees. An attorney’s ability to review documents on the road and to retrieve information while in court or at a client meeting is an important aspect of running a profitable practice”


Each law firm is different. Therefore, as Cloud Computing News article states, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions with regard to increasing productivity and profits at a firm. However, by moving to the cloud, a firm can build custom solutions that allow it to optimize the productivity of its attorneys and staff, generating higher profits.

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