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We know that every business is unique. This is why our team of experts in Romania will provide, on demand, clever solutions to answer all your problems regarding employee management, document setup and profit maximization. Integrating new technologies into your business is one of the most important and adequate steps to push your business to the top of the industry market. The team of Romanian IT experts can create, on demand, individually developed apps for certain clients, unique interfaces and integrated systems. This way, the final product is better and more effective than any other standard software solution.

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apisLEX – Legal Software for Professional Upgrade

Legal case management

apisLEX is a revolutionary software program designed to help any lawyer who needs to upgrade his professional performance by cutting down the time consuming office work and saving time for relevant lawsuits and important new clients instead.

Unlimited access with one app

With apisLEX app, the user has access to an enormous database where he can find any information regarding the law cases he handles, all his clients, all the bills, the standard documents and relevant analysis on work efficiency.

Cater to your needs

This app is fully customisable to the client’s needs. This advanced technology program is configured to understand and perform all the repetitive, time consuming office actions that must be taken care of on a daily basis in a law firm.


An efficient system

apisLEX has been created by Cloud Business Solutions’ developers as a solutions for case management. This app’s efficiency stands in its outstanding ability to reduce work volume by cutting up on the time spent with the papers.


Access from anywhere

All the users can access the apisLEX app from anywhere, from any device. This legal software is compatible with any mobile device, making it so easy to keep track of your work and also to stay up to date with any case details even when you are on the road.


100% secure

All the data uploaded into the apisLEX app is 100% secure. Every information is sent to a secure data-center in Great Britain  with geographical redundancy. A;so. Cloud Business Solution s has three ISO certifications that guarantee higher security standards.

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