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We know that every business is unique. This is why our team of experts in Romania will provide, on demand, clever solutions to answer all your problems regarding employee management, document setup and profit maximization. Integrating new technologies into your business is one of the most important and adequate steps to push your business to the top of the industry market. The team of Romanian IT experts can create, on demand, individually developed apps for certain clients, unique interfaces and integrated systems. This way, the final product is better and more effective than any other standard software solution.

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Solve the Puzzle of Sales with an Outstanding CRM

A Business System for Sales & Customer Management

Entirely Customisable

Tailor the system without limitation to suit your specific requirements and to match your exact business processes. No more stacks of paper, piles of files, thousands of documents and huge filing cabinets.

Thousands of clients

Thousands of users in the entire world already use apisCRM and they are satisfied with the amazing output. Their businesses are growing as a result of using apisCRM to manage sales, clients and employees.

Changing Business Destinies

This revolutionary software program is changing the core of traditional business management. apisCRM can manage clients effectively so that every customer will feel important for your company.

Entirely Customisable Software

Enabling you to mould the system to suit your specific requirements and the business processes of your firm.

Sales Force Automation

Keep a track of your Opportunities and ensure these are converted into paying customers and no opportunity is lost. Maximise your selling opportunities and profits.

Store details of all companies and organisations that you deal with and build stronger, longer lasting commercial relationships.

Record and manage contact details for individuals that you deal with to assist communicating your sales message with them and integrating them into your marketing, sales and support processes.

Keep a record of quotes sent out and follow these up.

Business process automation

Use Workflows and System Jobs to automate your business processes to allow greater efficiency and to ensure adherence to your own business processes.

Email automation

Standard email templates that can be automatically populated from data on your files to allow personalized automatic emailing.

Data visualisation

Reports and Schedulers

See your data in the way you want to see it and schedule reports so that information is automatically distributed to those who need to see it, where they need to see it, when they need to see it.


See real time live data every time you log in to your Apis CRM system and understand everything that is happening in your business as it happens.

Document management

Create Documents from templates for a House style and automatically populate the data in these for greater efficiency. Store these documents centrally for access from anywhere, greater security and saving on your local hardware costs.

Marketing automation

Manage and run marketing campaigns, connect with potential customers of yours via e-mail shots and newsletters. Turn your leads into paying customers.

Add links to your website to enable visitors viewing your site to submit their interest to you in real time – when they are looking and before they look elsewhere. Automatically email them to thank them for their interest and to say you will be in touch to discuss their requirements further.

Customer support


Record and manage all instances of support requests logged by your customers and see who is dealing with them, when they were logged, which have been resolved and which are unresolved, what priority are they.

Use Workflows route cases to the relevant member of staff based on the nature of the case to ensure it is handled in the most efficient manner. Your Customers can log support requests directly via your website using web forms and the cases will save seamlessly into your Apis CRM system.


Keep a knowledge base of all customer queries and what the solution to each was.

Maximise the

Potential to Sell

apisCRM is a professional system, with a user-friendly interface that can assist the company’s management to adjust to the client’s requirements. A CRM is a great and convenient way to improve your services, successfully manage your clients and sales and take the best decisions. A business is defined by its customers. Increasing the number of clients and gaining their overall trust is the number one factor in rising sales and, of course, profit.

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